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Adjusting to virtual sales & marketing

Never before have SMEs across industry faced such a demand for rapid change in the way it performs sales & marketing. Traditional  sales methods and marketing channels along with freedom to travel have been put on hold. Many SMEs are simply unprepared in terms of their data, contacts and the ability to reach new clients to perform virtual conferences or e-marketing effectively. 

Many companies are worried about cash flow, do not wish to invest into new forms of marketing, without the comfort of guaranteed results. However without embracing digital platforms, and simply waiting for the traditional marketing or sales meetings to re-emerge, the business risks lagging behind competitors and no sales leads. 

At Automotive-Aerospace.com we want to help your business. We are so confident in our data, that we are offering a service that allows your marketing and sales initiative's to reach our databases Free of Charge, we deliver your brand to market, with no fees, no set up cost, you only pay for the results. 


Webinars and Virtual conference delegates

Obtaining delegates for your online events is becoming increasingly competitive, many companies are now turning to virtual platforms, and therefore it is vital to reach as many potential delegates as possible, at the same time it is important to make sure that when seeking new delegates, they are qualified and relevant viewers to the topics that you are intend to present.   

Relying simply on your own database of existing clients reduces the chance of new business, and at the same time by ignoring the wider market potential, you risk allowing your competitor's a great advantage, if and when they host campaign's.

We have hosted events around the world for 11 years, during that time we have built up large amounts of contacts and data, this allows us to assist companies who provide R&D tools, testing, simulation software & measurement equipment to the Automotive & Aerospace sector's . We can use our contacts through email, social media and direct conversations, to help in the promotion of products, webinars, and 1-to-1 meetings.


Below are the packages we offer

Basic E Campaign


Ideal for a mailout campaign, where our client wishes to offer the industry

a poster, manual, brochure, giveaway. You send us the text, logo, images,

details of the promotion, then we send out to our databases.

Over a 28 day period, we campaign and market to our community and during

that time the results are delivered to you as they come in.

You only pay for the results

& each registration will be forward to you, as they arrive. 


Virtual Delegates


Perfect for companies who want to increase viewers to their webinars or

online conferences, your company simply sends us the raw materials for your

campaign (logo, text, images) , we promote and invite people to register. 


No set up fee, you only pay for the delegates registered

Virtual 1&1 meetings 

Bespoke communication, we campaign and communicate to our database

to get contacts who are interested to know about the technology your

organisation offers, the contact is qualified , and must show an interest

that is substantial and relevant.

The aim of this service is to offer the contact a virtual one to one meeting

or a group workshop / demo with their team members. We find that our

contacts are open to digital meetings and are able to facilitate the contact

The registrations will be high quality, qualified, relevant 


You only pay for the results 



Use our service for seeking candidates or representatives in new markets.

If you wish to discreetly or openly seek candidates to apply for new positions in your organisation, we can run adjust any of our campaign's to suit your needs. We can obtain CVs of of interested candidates, or go as far as arranging interviews and providing pre-qualified leads with meeting dates, we simply need the text, images and details, and provide you with the results. 

Find an agent or representative 

With restrictions on travel, it is a good time to consider new agents, and reps in far off markets, we have an excellent network of such companies who have used our marketing channels in the area of testing and development, we would be delighted to arrange 1 & 1 meetings with such organisations, we can help with this in Latin America, North America, EMEA, and Asia. With agent search, we find out who they already represent, how they market products, time in market, their success stories. 

Why use our B2B Support services ?

  • To maintain business with you, we have to deliver high quality response 

  • Using B2B support you can make substantial savings, no expensive event logistics, print media investment or e-marketing investments 

  • Using B2B support, means you are provided many services free of cost that other media outlets charge upfront fees for, we provide Free social media coverage, Free email blasts 

  • Our data and contacts need to be current & up to date otherwise we are unable to generate revenue, which means you are guaranteed only high quality results 

  • We continue to develop the best data and access to the automotive R&D sectors, grow your contacts as we continue to grow our audience 

  • Traditional print media and digital media both require upfront payment for campaigns that are not even guaranteed to deliver responses

  • Is it wise to invest in a marketing channel that has no guarantee of results or return on your investment 

  • Advertising and digital advertising often is to a broad audience, there is no guarantee that the readership & viewers being relevant or up to date, we only deliver qualified leads

  • Some organisations sell data spreadsheets, by purchasing spreadsheets of data you could be breaking data protection laws and may face fines when caught using it

  • Our service is free to use, meaning free exposure and marketing, you only need pay for high quality results that we will deliver

We are so confident in the quality of our data, that we will not charge you any set up fee or advertising fee.

Your organisation will only pay for the results of your campaign. Prices for our most basic service from just 3.5$ / £3 per registration and all campaigns have budget caps.

Contact us, and grow your webinar and e-marketing audience.

We produce media for the Automotive and Aerospace sector, our launch event, the Automotive and Aerospace Testing Show & Expo was established in 2010 , specialising in providing a platform for the best in class technology used by R&D departments for Automotive , Aerospace & Defence OEM's to improve quality & speed up development times, and keep up with the consumer demands, and government legislation. We serve and are active in major clusters , serving engineers & executives around the globe. 

In 2019 we launched our B2B support services which are offered across the Americas, Europe and Asia

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