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Latin America's only dedicated event for Aerospace & Defence testing & simulation technologies

If you're working in Aerospace, or Defence and you need to reduce development time's, reduce product failures & maintain high quality control, then you must attend the ATC Testing Expo.  The event in its 2nd edition is the only  testing and simulation technologies show in Latin America dedicated to Aerospace & Defence. The expo features world class brands, attracting personnel from every major player in the country along with tier 1 suppliers, military, government, university's and research organisations.

We showcase all types of testing, NVH tools, telemetry, avionics, test rigs, simulation packages, durability & fatigue testing,  software, dynamometers, various measurement systems, sensors, crash & safety, alternative propulsion, environmental testing, dynamic assessment tools, and much more.

The ATC Testing Expo 

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

The second ATC will take place on 04 - 05 of November 2021 at the Tech Park, located in Sao Jose dos Campos, in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The event targets two critical sectors for testing, AEROSPACE & DEFENCE. Past events were praised by both exhibitors and attendees for bringing together the full range of testing &  simulation solutions for visitors, who attended from the all major players including Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, Brazilian Airforce (FAB), SIATT, Rockwell, along with suppliers, researchers, university's and other defence and government organisations. The event is part of a series of events that serve various clusters. 

Technology on display 

Test simulation - NVH - Crash Testing - Powertrain Testing - Dynamometers - Aerodynamic - Vehicle dynamics testing - Materials testing - Track simulation and laboratory testing - Vibration analysis & validation - Acoustic analysis testing - Environmental measurement - Mechanical testing - Electrical system - Reliability testing - Entire Test facility - Automated test equipment - Fuels & integrated systems - Test management software -  Data acquisition - Telemetry - Electronics and microelectronics testing - Fatigue/fracture - Torsion testing Component testing - Structural and fatigue- Sensors - Test facility design - Quality - Vehicle simulation - Powertrain Simulation Stress/strain - Calibration - Laboratory instrumentation - Software test - Big data - Automotive Ethernet - Cyber security - Wireless systems - AeroElasticity - Beam-forming - avionics - in-flight testing  

Sao Jose dos Campos

Almost all of the Brazilian aerospace industry is based in the state of Sao Paulo, cantered around Sao Jose Dos Campos. According to data from the latest Annual Industry Survey released by IBGE, São Paulo accounted for 92.6% of net sales and 94.6% of the value of industrial transformation of the aerospace industry in Brazil and therefore a massive proportion of the continent. According the Brazilian Ministry of Labor, Brazil has 82 locations aircraft manufacturing, of which 51 are located in the State of São Paulo. São Paulo state accounts for 95.6% of jobs in the aerospace industry. The main buying countries in 2016 were the United States, China and Japan.


Serving more than 90 airlines in 61 countries, Embraer stands out as the third largest manufacturer of commercial jets in the world. In business aviation, it has delivered over 850 jets in 50 countries. With these numbers, the Company is consolidated among the largest forces worldwide. The company also operates in the defence industry, through Embraer Defence & Security. The subsidiary offers a complete line of integrated solutions and Command and Control applications (C4I); Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); radars and space. In Brazil, the company has manufacturing units with engineering, development and manufacturing activities in São José dos Campos. 

Aerospace Cluster

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster is a Local Productive Arrangement headquartered in the Technology Park of São José dos Campos. The cluster hosts more than 100 companies from different regions of the country, promoting synergy between the companies in the Brazilian aerospace industry, as well as its national and international competitiveness.

Embraer is the anchor company of this productive arrangement, and the one that boosted the creation of this aerospace supply chain.

Additional information 

Event Location





The event takes place at the Sao Jose dos Campos Tech Park. Since its inception, the Park has attracted more than R$ 2.1 billion in investments. About 6 thousand people travel daily in the Park area. The area of the Tech-Park is 188 thousand square meters.

There are 4 auditoriums and 3 event rooms for rent.

The parking lot has 830 parking spaces, including buses. There is 1 helipad.







Currently, there are almost 300 companies and institutions linked to the Park:

51 Fixed companies - small, medium and large (anchors)

36 incubated companies - micro and start ups

94 Companies associated to APL Aerospace and Defense

26 Microenterprises in Entrepreneur's Galleries

04 Institutes of science and technology

05 Teaching and research institutes

03 Civil society entities

04 Technological Development Centers

03 Companies located in Zeptec


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